Pelonalysis - Peloton Data with Python/Pandas/Matplotlib

January 24, 2021

One year ago Peloton seemed like a niche workout fad that wouldn’t last. And then the pandemic hit. My wife easily convinced me that it would be worth the investment. I quickly became obsessed with pushing my limits and hitting new personal records.

A couple of months ago, I noticed a drop off in my output. It came as a surprise and I started to wonder if the bike had become miscalibrated over time. I discovered that you can download your workout history from the Peloton site and decided it was time to dig into the numbers. Did my workout output, frequency, or content change to justify a 10% drop in ability?

I downloaded my data and put together a Jupyter notebook to visualize my progress. After a bit of exploring, I made a bare-bones repo and pushed it up to github: pelonalysis.

My discovery? I was working twice as much during my initial months!

Sadly I can no longer blame my bike. Time to get to work!