I am a full-stack software engineer, inquisitive AI researcher, and former algorithmic trader. I specialize in complex system design, custom online statistics, machine learning, and real-time optimization of practical business problems. Never satisfied with the status quo, I constantly seek to push boundaries in algorithms and technologies, looking for an edge wherever I can find it. I am most at home deriving novel mathematics, inventing new algorithmic techniques, and designing and building both low level software and high level frameworks.

I have more than 15 years of hands-on experience iterating on research ideas and then realizing those ideas in robust production systems. The extensive breadth and depth of my knowledge and skillset allows me to approach problems wholistically, accounting for business needs and technical implementations as part of a unified optimization. I draw from my varied expertise to identify the best question, in addition to the best answer; there is no point implementing and optimizing the wrong problem.

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Open Source Contributions

Many people may know me for my Julia projects, specifically creating Plots and more generally the JuliaPlots organization and surrounding ecosystem. I also designed and implemented the “recipes” system for building composable visualizations. If you see pretty plots in Julia, there’s a good chance it uses some of my code.