Hi. My name is Tom. I’m a math geek and software engineer. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my wife and 3 awesome kids.

I’ve worn many hats in my nearly-20 year career. Several in quantitative finance: researcher, developer, portfolio manager, founder. I built successful trading operations from the ground up. I was a researcher and core developer in an AI startup focusing on natural language understanding and hybrid neural/logical systems. I’ve also contributed a lot of code to the Julia ecosystem in machine learning, statistics, and visualization.

Currently I work as a “Research Developer” at Headlands Technologies. I help design and improve automated trading systems and the models that drive them.

I love to be challenged, whether at work or at play. I suppose this is why I am a passionate skier and rock climber, why I like Crossfit, and why I choose video games that just beg for broken controllers.

For more info or to see me ramble, please see my resume, blog, Github profile, or Twitter account.

Open Source Contributions

Many people may know me for my Julia projects, specifically creating Plots and more generally the JuliaPlots organization and surrounding ecosystem. I also designed and implemented the “recipes” system for building composable visualizations. If you see pretty plots in Julia, there’s a good chance it uses some of my code.

Maybe lesser known is my contributions to the machine learning ecosystem, though only a few of my projects have stood the test of time.